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East Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I beg to present my Annual Report on the School Health
Service for the year 1945.
The requirements of the Education Act, 1944, especially in
regard to the examination, classification, and arrangements for
treatment of Handicapped Pupils, have increased the work of
the department in no small measure. Some difficulty has been
experienced in placing children in suitable homes, residential or
hospital schools, owing to lack of accommodation, but it is hoped
that greater facilities to meet these needs will be forthcoming in
the near future.
The number of children referred to the Child Guidance
Clinic has exceeded that for any previous year, and more cases of
maladjustment are evident. The team work of the clinic is of
immense value in the elucidation of these difficult problems, and
I wish to express appreciation of the help afforded.
School Medical Inspections and Minor Ailment Clinics have
been carried out with greater attention to detail and have necessarily
taken up more time of the medical and nursing staff.
In conjunction with the Light Clinic, the Physiotherapy Clinic
has added to the amenities of the School Health Service, and
now forms a treatment unit of considerable value.
During the year a Dispensary was established at the Annexe
for the purpose of supplying necessary medicaments to the school
health and other services, and for the distribution of drugs, etc.,
to the Council's hospitals. The Dispensary has been amply justified
by its results.
Despite shortage of both medical and nursing staff, the full
activities of the School Health Services have been maintained.
The augmentation of the Dental Department services will permit
of increased facilities for treatment and propaganda. School
Meals and Milk have played a large part in the continuance of a
satisfactory standard of nutrition,