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East Ham 1940

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(a) Uncleanliness.
The School Nurses have carried out cleanliness surveys
of all children in the elementary schools during the year
1940. A high standard of personal hygiene is maintained although
there have "been instances of children returning to East Ham
suffering from scabies, impetigo and pediculosis; "but these
cases have readily responded to treatment.

Comparative table:-

Year.Number Examined.Number with Nits.Number with Head Vermin.No. of Exclusion Certificates.
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(b) Minor Ailments.
The incidence of minor ailments continues to show a
(c) Tonsils and Adenoids,
5.09 per cent. of the children examined during the
year were referred for treatment for "tonsils and adenoids",
either separately or combined, as compared with 5.2 per cent.
in the year 1939.
(d) Tuberculosis.
Boys Girls Total
Pulmonary Tuberculosis 1 3 4
Other forms of Tuberculosis 1 2 3
2 5 7
(e) Skin Disease and (f) External Eye Disease.
At medical inspections during the year 81 children
were found to "be suffering from skin affections (as compared
with 1/2 in the year 1939) and 9 cases of external eye disease
were discovered (as compared with 65 in the year 1939).
(g) Vision.
Only children with marked visual defect have been
referred for treatment and these, including cases of strabismus,
numbered 86. In addition, there were 52 children in whom
there was evidence of a lesser degree of visual defect and
these are being kept under observation.
(h) Ear Disease and Hearing,
O.38 per cent. of the children examined were found to
be suffering from otitis media (1.0 per cent. in 1939). The
percentage of deaf children was 0.07, the corresponding figure
for last year being 0.08.
(i) Dental Defects.
The percentage of children found, as the result of
dental inspection in the schools, to be in need of dental
treatment was 65.07 per cent., as compared with 64.3 per cent.
for last year.
(3) Nutrition.
Children found at the routine medical inspection to
be suffering from malnutrition, in any degree, numbered 25, or
approximately 0.7 per cent. of the children inspected. (See
Table IIB).

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