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East Ham 1940

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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The following is a synopsis of School Medical Work for
the year 1940 as compared, with previous statistics.

Comparative Statement of Work.

Routine & Special Inspection (on school premises):-
Consultations at Inspection Clinic16,70815,32714,1248,7371,047
Number of Treatments at Clinic27,97621,38720,95413,851639
General Cleanliness Visits to Schools28129233820492
Nurses' Visits to Homes3,5583,4084,6862,197390
Children Examined for Cleanliness44,14541,72540,82122,18510,503
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There are no outstanding features to report in regard to
the findings of medical inspection, and since the re-opening
of the schools in December the physical standard of the scholars
examined has been surprisingly satisfactory. It is true that
so far only a small number of scholars have been under review,
but air-raid conditions and rationing do not appear to have
affected the physical or nervous condition of these children to
any appreciable extent.
On the other hand, there is evidence that the abnormal
conditions of life and lack of regular exercise and athletic
recreation are having some untoward effect upon the physical
and mental stamina, posture and muscular tone of many children.
The necessity for more regular physical training, gymnastics,
organised games and athletic pastimes is strongly indicated.

The incidence of principal defects requiring treatment or needing to be kept under observation is shown in Table II. The following comparative table serves to indicate the number and percentage of children found to be in need of medical or surgical treatment in the three specified age groups inspected during the year 194O:-

Group.Number of Children.x Percentage of Children found to require Treatment.
Inspected.xFound to require Treatment.
Second Age Group1,2131,738104648.53.6
Third Age Group86594069867.99.1
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x Excluding defects of Nutrition, Uncleanliness
and Dental Diseases.

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