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East Ham 1930

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(h) Ear Disease and Hearing.
0.3 per cent. of the children examined were found to be
suffering from otitis media, as compared with 0.6 per cent, in
1929. The percentage of deaf children was 0.3, the corresponding
number for last year being 0.5.
(i) Dental Defects.
(See Report of Dental Surgeon on pp. 163-6).
(j) Crippling Defects.
Reference to Table III on page 59 will furnish information
with regard to the occurrence of crippling defects in the area.
There were no cases of crippling due to tuberculosis but 85 cases
due to other causes were discovered at routine medical inspection
during the year.
A detailed account of the scheme adopted for the detection
and prevention of infectious diseases has been submitted in previous
reports, and the accompanying table will furnish statistics
in regard to the incidence of the acute infectious diseases during
the year 1930.
The high incidence of the more serious acute infectious
diseases has been followed by a very definite decrease during the
years 1929 and 1930.
The bacteriological examination of swabs from the throats and
noses of school children is carried out:—
(a) Prior to the admission of children to Schools of Recovery,
Convalescent Homes, etc., in order to ensure freedom
from infection. 123 swabs were taken for this purpose,
and the fact that one of these proved to be positive shows
the great importance of this procedure.
(b) In suspicious cases seen at the Clinics or Schools. 153
swabs were taken and 13 proved to be positive.
(c) In cases where an undetected source of infection appears
to be present in a class or school. 32 swabs were taken
and none proved to be positive.