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East Ham 1930

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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combined defect was diagnosed in 3.1 per cent.; the figures for
1929 were 1.5 per cent., 0.2 per cent., and 3.5 per cent.,
The percentage of children moderately affected and requiring
to be kept under observation was 11.3, the corresponding percentage
in 1929 being 10.9. In this case 10.8 per cent. had moderately
enlarged tonsils, 0.2 per cent. exhibited signs of the presence
of adenoids, whilst 0.3 per cent. showed enlarged tonsils and
adenoids of moderate degree, as compared with 9.3 per cent.,
0.3 per cent., and 1.3 per cent., respectively in the year 1929.

( d)Tuberculosis.

The total number of cases of tuberculosis, occurring in children of school age, notified to the Medical Officer of Health during the year, was as follows:—

Pulmonary Tuberculosis44
Other forms of Tuberculosis18321

(e) Skin Disease and (f) External Eye Disease.
The number of these cases still remains high. At medical
inspections during the year 615 children were found to be suffering
from skin affections (as compared with 851 in the year 1929).
Cases of external eye disease also continue to show a high incidence,
140 in the year 1930 and 166 in the year 1929.
(g) Vision.
Only children with marked visual defect have been referred
for treatment and these, including cases of strabismus, numbered
615. In addition there were 172 children in whom there was
evidence of a lesser degree of visual defect and these are being
kept under observation. (See report of Ophthalmic Surgeon on
p. 161).