London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Clerkenwell 1863

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Clerkenwell, St James & St John]

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Fol. in Bill Book.RECEIPTSMoneys received by the Vestry from March 25th, 1863, to March 25th, 1864.Moneys owing to the Vestry March 25th, 1864.Fol in Ledg.EXPENDITURE.Unpaid March 25th, 1863.Incurred from 25th March, 1863. to 25th March, 1864.Paid from March 25th, 1863, to March 25th, 1864.Unpaid at March 25th,1864.
Brought forward11749169392710Brought forward35471465960105742011120871310
Paving, Repairs, &c.Law Expenses.
64Clark and Mannoch220254Boulton, W. J., Stamping Agree- ments, &c.53867725386772
66Telegraph Company3168
65Manley and Rogers9174
61Great Eastern Railway0107
67Electric and International Telegraph Company322Salaries, &c.
Rev. Dr. Courtenay090250Vestry Clerk62100262100250007500
69Dove Brothersu14251Assostant do.400o16000160004000
,,Haine044252Junior do.71707170
70Keene064253Surveyor (two-thirds of)451681911341871005000
71Kelk1Iti256Medical Officer250010000100002500
73Lea and Company058214Inspectors166190166190
69Harris, Repair of Dram, 1, Chapel Row09027id11234Labourers' Wages296177296177
8 to 17Ditto Breaking Stone01450145
62Tripp, damage to Street-lamp Column260239Sweepers Goatcher (late Inspector), care of494010494010
65Dethick, ditto dittolbbOffices 1 quarter to Michaelmas, 1861500500
68Great Northern Railway Company, damage to Street-lamp Column.2194
Kelk, ditto ditto106Compensations.
71Pickford and Company, damage to Street-lamp Column -.1126
72Stratton, ditto ditto110011210257Cromwell, T300012000120003000
258Smith R.9263610036100
Cost of Summons returned, re Luke Finney020General Expenses.
Cost of Summons returned, re Wells020
Fol. in Ledg.Expenses incurred by a Committee, charged in "Petty Expenses Account, but repaid by Committeeto 4Collectors' Commission505301641881?371
1020269Islington A estry, repair of portion of Caledonian Road1713323110231101713
280Metropolitan Board of Works, expenses refunded, re Gas Act..61108 to 17Rewards for Convicting Men Sweeping Slop down Gmlies01000100
Condemned Meat sold by Inspector Buckler05042Dilapidations at 56, St. John Sq.1210012100
278New River Company, removal of Water Posts1315013100
326Stock sold 6152
Carried forward11812128392710Carried forward3968191082501689771lOG243861