London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Clerkenwell 1863

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Clerkenwell, St James & St John]

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562Balance brought forward from 25th March, 18636801910Cartage,Dusting, Cleansing, Watering and Road, Materials.,
8Ditto Ditto as per current Expenses Acconnnf25910343Keates, T., Hire of Water Carts376139376139
329Amount collected on arrears of Kate made 27th March, 186213120290Dodd, Hy., Road Materials4841102207064319060190
288Stiles, W., Paving, and Repairs of ditto249419989790301417103771011
563Amount collected by Dyer, late Arrears' Collector, on Kate made 29th September, 1859105
"Stiles, W., Repair of Trenches39743634102021411199173
"Stiles, W., Broken Guernsey Granite27490112113954239853190
563Ditto ditto 29th March, 1860178
294Easton, Dusting, Cleansing and Watering2000020000
167Ditto ditto 23rd October, 186229531
320Stockley, Cartage at Muswell Hill250250
170Ditto ditto 2nd April, 1863564059313Yarnev, Thomas. Cartaere1516242329839156
278New River Company, Water and Meter Hire3657036570
180Ditto ditto 15th October, 186344321810
isew Kiver C ompany, Water for Urinals2136370606
Outstanding on ditto gross £810, recoverable about1038483295Perkins, Dusting and Slopping, District, No. 114000010500035000
33900296Rcddin, Dusting and Slopping, District, No. 289000667100222100
Rents."Reddin, Hire of Water Carts222150222150
Rents and Taxes.
266St John's Square, No. 562732
267Chapel Street, No. 931136400278New River Company, ground rent for Vestry Hall91399139
274Old Toll Gate House, Pentonville9134
4800Ditto Water Rate for Vestry11601160
Repair of Trenches,"Ditto Ground Kent, 1 year, Urinal, Hard wick Street010010
"Ditto Ground Rent, Drinking Fountain, Claremont Square01001o
282Imperial Gas Company128122272Poor Rate680680
273General Rate21209190
284Chartered Gas Company40121268Trustees of Hadley Alms Houses, Rent of 56, St. John's Square, exelusive of Property Tax29126
286City Gas Company15184
278New River Company40634407ift2119945123
354Hornsey Gas Company868599127270tAtJuoi > t ui i I uptl I j t a\ . . Penton, H., Esq., Ground Rent of Pentonville Road, and Penton Place, exclusive of Property Tax121911
264Licence Fees for the erection of Hoardings and removal of Pavement1163264426211322
277Queen's Taxes330330
275Insurance, Vestry Hall170170
Carried forward11749169392710Carried forward35471465960105742011120871310