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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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a result, there were decided improvements in the subsequent samples. 1
sample was found to contain over a million bacteria per c.c. The subsequent
sample procured after the manufacturer had been advised as above, showed
that the amount of bacteria had been reduced to 150,000 per c.c.
Ice Cream Premises.—The number on the register at the end of the year
was 395. 529 inspections were made and 59 notices served.
Butchers' Shops and Stalls.—706 inspections were made during the year
and 5 notices were served for minor infringements of the Meat Regulations.

Butter and Margarine Factories, etc.

No. on Register.No. of Notices served.No. of Inspections.
Butter and Margarine Factories5-57
Wholesale Dealers in Margarine466
Preserved Food Premises.
Preserved Fish Premises113100514
Preserved Meat Premises16419

Merchandise Marks Act.—Inspections were made to various premises in
connection with the marking of imported goods, particularly apples, tomatoes,
butter, dried fruits and meat, and in this respect, it was found necessary to
serve 68 notices for infringements of the Act.
Greengrocers' and Fruiterers' Shops and Stalls.—165 inspections were
made and 7 notices were served.
Wholesale Grocers, etc.—222 visits were made to Wholesale Grocers and
16 notices were served. 84 notices were served in respect of miscellaneous
food premises.
Bakehouses.—418 inspections were made during the year to the 103 in
the Borough.
Restaurants and Eating Houses.—733 inspections were made during the
year to the 417 in the Borough.
Certification of Food Products for Export.—31 certificates have been
issued respecting the export of consignments of food products prepared within
the Borough:—
12 to Australia. 2 to Syria.
9 to Canada. 1 to Italy.
4 to Holland. 3 to The United States of America.
1,186 other certificates were issued in respect to unsound food destroyed.
Unsound Food.—1,176 inspections were made at the various wharves in
the Borough.
The following is a list and quantity of the foodstuffs from the wharves
destroyed during the year under the Public Health (Imported) Food
Regulations, 1937:—