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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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and 2 for bacteriological examination. 1 sample (B.631) submitted for
chemical analysis was found to be deficient in fat—the vendors were cautioned,
and 1 sample (C.251) examined bacteriologically also proved to be unsatisfactory
(see following table).
4 " Appeal to the cow " samples were taken because a dairyman in the
Borough was receiving milk which was deficient in fat from a farmer in Essex.
The samples were taken by the Essex County Council and were all found to
be deficient in fat. A cautionary letter was sent to the farmer and the Essex
County Medical Officer communicated with to take the necessary action to
bring the milk up to standard.
28 samples of milk were taken from individual cows in a cowshed in the
Borough for bacteriological examination in view of the fact that a roundsman
employed to deliver milk from this cowshed was removed to hospital suffering
from typhoid fever. The samples gave a negative result for organisms of the
enteric group. Arrangements were made for this dairy to sell only pasteurised
bottled milk obtained from another firm and all other necessary precautions
were taken.

The following samples were submitted for bacteriological examination:—

Nature of sampleNo. of samples takenNumber unsatisfactory and action taken
Milk (Pasteurised)535. C.251 and B.668. The M.O.H.'s of the Boroughs concerned were informed.C.257 and C.435 (taken from same vendor). Improvements were made regarding storage of the clean milk bottles).B.152. Further samples from the same source proved satisfactory.
Milk (Undesignated)291. Advice was given regarding the method of production.
Milk (Tuberculin Tested)31. M.O.H. of Borough concerned was notified.
Milk (Evaporated)1
Milk Drinking Straws1
Tinned Salmon3
Cooked Mussels1
Boiled Salt Beef1-

Designated Milk.—84 licences were issued under the Milk (Special Designations)
Orders, 1936 and 1938, being 8 more than in the previous year, as
follows :—
Dealer's Supplementary
Licences. licences.
"Pasteurised" 48 12
" Tuberculin Tested" 18 6
Ice Cream.—22 samples of ice cream and commodities used in its manufacture
were submitted for bacteriological examination. 8 samples showed
the presence of Coliform bacilli in 1 c.c. of the ice cream. In these cases,
steps were taken to procure improved sterilisation and storage of the utensils,
and, in some, the manufacturers were advised to use Pasteurised milk. As