London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Cleansing and Disinfection.
No. of adults cleansed 182
No. of children cleansed -
Water Supply to Tenement Houses.
No. of premises supplied 24
Sanitary Officers.
No. of Sanitary inspectors (whole-time)—M
No. of health visitors (whole-time)
„ (part-time)
1. Total number of houses in the
borough 38,239
Public Health Act.
2. No. of houses inspected on
account of complaints or
Illness 3,559
3. Number of statutory notices
served 2,295
4. Number of houses repaired or
nuisances remedied 9,069
Housing Act (1936).
5. Number of houses inspected—
house to house (Housing Consolidated
Regs. 1925) 333
6. (a)Number of houses included
in representations by the
BoroughMedical Officer under
Sec. 25 of H.A. 1936 82
(b) Number of houses demolished
following representation
by Borough Medical
Officer under Sec. 25 of H.A.
1936 136
7. Number of houses repaired
under Sections 9 and 10 of
(a) by owners nil
(b)by L. A. in default of owners nil
8. Number of houses demolished :
(a) in pursuance of orders
under Sec. 11 of the Housing
Act, 1936 2
(b) Voluntarily -
No. of (a) after infectious
premises diseases 1,587
cleansed (b) for vermin 1,369
(c) after Tuberculosis 150
No. of prosecutions -
22 Female 1
Female -
9. Number of houses (wholly or
in part) the subject of Closing
Orders (excluding underground
rooms) nil
10. Number of Closing Orders
determined (i.e., houses made
fit) nil
11. Overcrowding (Housing Act, 1936)
Number of families found
during the year to be living
in overcrowded conditions ... 6,574
Number of overcrowded families
who have obtained alternative
accommodation during
the year 342
12. Number of houses erected by
the Borough Council for working
classes during year nil
13. Underground Rooms.
Number occupied but unfit 5,843
Number closed or modified
occupation approved 106
14. Houses Let in Lodgings.
Number in Borough 3,472
Number of inspections 3,467
Number of prosecutions 4
Number of complaints remedied
under the By-laws (not
included under any other
heading) 85

Infectious diseases—cases notified under local orders (excluding cases coming to knowledge otherwise than by notification).

Disease.Cases notified.Period.
*Measles8441st January to 31st December
German Measles--
†Whooping Cough1021st Ocober to 31st December
Rheumatic Fever (0-16)--
Chicken Pox--
Zymotic Enteritis--