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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Hairdressers' Shops.—Annual certificates are granted respecting Hairdressers'
Shops in the Borough, which come up to a certain standard of
cleanliness. Four certificates were granted during the year.
Mortuary and Shelter.—The number of bodies deposited in the Mortuary
during the year was 95 as compared with 342 in the previous year. 8 Jewish
bodies were officially "watched" (42 in 1937) and 58 inquests were held in
the Coroner's Court compared with 166 last year. 47 Post-mortem examinations
were made whilst the number in the previous year was 235.
It will be noticed that there is a very marked decrease in the use being
made of the Council's mortuary service and of the accommodation provided
for the conducting of post-mortem examinations. This diminution is explained
by the decision of the Council that it is not the duty of the mortuary keeper
employed by this Borough Council to assist doctors in the conduction of
post-mortem examinations. As his services are not now available for this
purpose more inquests are being held elsewhere.
The shelter is used for the accommodation of contacts of infectious disease
while their homes are being disinfected. It was not found necessary to admit
any persons during the year.

Report supplied to the L.C.C.:-

Premises.No. in borough on 31st December, 1938.No. of Inspections.No. of Prosecutions.
Common lodging houses13272-
Seamen's lodging houses11153-
Cowsheds (licensed)1798-
Slaughterhouses (licensed)nilnil-
Other offensive trades45384-
Dairy premises1811,1724
Purveyors bottled milk428
Ice cream premises3955292
Registered foster mothers201641
Nurse children kept25247-
Restaurants and eating houses417733-

Smoke Nuisances.
(1) No. of observations 464
(2) No. of intimations served 25
(3) No. of complaints received 64
(4) No. of Statutory notices served-
(5) No. of legal proceedings -
(6) No. of convictions -
(7) Amount of penalty and costs
imposed in each case -