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St Martin-in-the-Fields 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Martin-in-the-Fields]

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Notification of Infectious Disease.
During the year 1900 the number of cases of infectious diseases
notified in accordance with The Public Health (London) Act, 1891,
was 52, as against 65 of the previous year. On referring to
Table 6 the diseases will be found specified, and the localities
wherein the cases occurred.
The fees paid to "the Medical Practitioners for furnishing the
notifications of these 52 cases amounted to £5 4s. 0d., which sum
is returned to your Council by the Managers of the Metropolitan
Asylums Board.
Disinfection after Infectious Disease.
During the year 46 disinfections were carried out, at a cost of
£60 19s. 7d.
Bubonic Plague.
In view of the outbreak of Plague in Glasgow, and the possible
spread of the disease to London, the London County Council sent
me the report of their Public Health Committee, respecting the
precautions they were prepared to adopt against the Plague, should
the disease unhappily visit us.
In this Report, the London County Council Committee state that
they are prepared to promptly remove all persons who have been
in contact with a person suffering from the plague to a place of
refuge, where they can be isolated and placed under medical
supervision until it can be ascertained whether or not they, or any
of them, have become infected by the disease. Of course, the
actual cases of plague would be sent to the hospital of the
Metropolitan Asylums Board.
In this Report they further state that they have retained the
services of Mr. James Cantlie, M. B. and F.R.C.S., formerly Medical
Officer in one of the plague hospitals in Hong Kong, who has had
large experience of the disease, to report upon every suspected case
of plague in London in which there is any doubt as to the diagnosis,
and to make post-mortem examinations when necessary, and an
arrangement has been made with Dr. Klein for the bacteriological
examination of material from suspected cases.

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