London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Shoreditch 1955

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch]

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Complaints regarding nuisances from noise have been on the increase.
In one particular case investigated this year complaints were received
regarding noise from machinery. The factory concerned was working for
24 hours a day on shift work on goods for export and many inspections
were made, during the day as well as late at night. After many
suggestions and alterations to the machinery, and the fitting of
suppressors to certain parts of the machinery, the noise was brought down
to reasonable limits.
The work in connection with food hygiene was continued throughout
the year, and regular inspections of all premises in the Borough where
food is handled were carried out.

The total number of food-handling premises in the Borough at the end of 1965 was 1,076, as follows

Cafes and Restaurants168
Factory and Warehouse Canteens104
Ice Cream Shops and Manufacturers162
Milk Shops and Depots88
Butchers' Shops and Stores42
Fried Fish Shops14
Fish Curers9
Food Factories11
Food Warehouses12
Clubs, Schools, etc.25
Grocery Shops106
Bakers' Shops27
Confectioners' Shops76
Greengrocers' Shops43
Corn Chandlers' Shops3
Chemists' Shops22
Public Houses140
Off Licences6
Other premises selling mineral waters, etc.5