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Shoreditch 1955

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch]

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Details of treatments carried out

Business premisesDwellings
Pre-baits laid1,2111,314
Poison baits laid597651
Warfarin trays laid1,850154561
Traps set45889
Estimated kill*136*
match: ALTO ComposedBlock
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* No estimate can be given.


No. of manholes baited851
Complete takespre-bait56
poison baitNil
Partial takespre-bait432
poison bait473
No takespre-bait363
poison bait378
Estimated kill2,825
match: ALTO ComposedBlock
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Agreements H.D. R3(BP) received and charged to business premises from
1st January to 31st December, 1956 amounted to £664,0.0.
During the last few years the nuisance from pigeons has increased.
This year permission was granted to a specialist pigeon trapper to trap
pigeons causing a nuisance in the Borough. This work is carried out without
any charge to the Council and the trapper works under the general
direction of the Chief Sanitary Inspector. During the year approximately
600 were destroyed.

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