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Willesden 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Willesden]

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Table 72

Treatments: School Health Service

Number of cases known to have been dealt with
(i) Eye Diseases, Defective Vision and Squint
(a) External and other, excluding errors of refraction and squint36
(b) Errors of refraction (including squint)934
(c) Number of pupils for whom spectacles were prescribed Totals 1960437
(ii) Diseases and Defects of Ear, Nose and Throat
Received operative treatment for: (a) diseases of the ear-
(b) adenoids and chronic tonsillitis51
(c) other nose and throat conditions8
Received other forms of treatment77
Total number of pupils in schools who are known to have been provided with hearing aids:
(a) during the current year1
(b) in previous years (excluding any pupils shown at (a) above who were provided with an aid in the previous year).29
(iii) Orthopaedic and Postural Defects
Number of pupils known to have been treated at clinics or at out-patients departments 1960640
(iv) Diseases of the Skin (Excluding Uncleanliness)
Ringworm (i) Scalp
(ii) Body
Other skin diseases232
(v) Child Guidance Treatment
Number of pupils treated at child guidance clinics under arrangements made by the County Council (including children sent to the Tavistock and other hospital clinics under arrangements made by the County Council)497
(vi) Speech Therapy Number of pupils treated by speech therapists under arrangements made by the authority 1960271
(vii) Other Treatment Given
(a) Number of miscellaneous minor ailments treated by the County Council660
(b) Treatment other than (a) above and excluding convalescent treatment:
1. Lymphatic glands
2. Heart
3. Lungs143
4. Developmental (a) Hernia
(b) Other10
5. Nervous system (a) Epilepsy
(b) Other_
6. Psychological (a) Development2
(b) Stability25
7 Abdomen2
8. Other12
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