London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Willesden 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Willesden]

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Table 33

Summary of nuisances abated and of improvements effected Water supply and water service

New cisterns provided73
Cisterns cleansed, repaired, covered, etc.2619
Draw taps placed on mains28
Drainage and sewerage
Water closets:
Repaired, supplied with water or otherwise improved205251
New closets built25
Provided with better ventilation2
Examined, tested, exposed, etc9577
Unstopped, repaired, trapped, etc233204
New soilpipes or vent shafts fixed1215
Disconnecting traps or chambers inserted1616
New manhole covers3436
Soilpipes or vent shafts repaired4561
Other defects
Smoke nuisances78
Accumulation of refuse8786
Fowls, pigs, etc., kept in an insanitary condition23
Yards and forecourts paved, repaved or repaired11166
Walls and ceilings cleansed100476
Verminous rooms disinfested301489
Leaky roofs made watertight496359
Additional ventilation provided under floors1311
Dilapidated plaster repaired540604
Flooring and other woodwork repaired306356
Damp proof courses inserted3428
Water supply reinstated3128
Wash house floors repaired or repaved1921
Fireplaces and stoves repaired8096
Decayed brickwork repaired and repointed207174
Sinks provided or replaced4358
Additional light and ventilation to staircase4
Gutters and/or rainwater pipes repaired or renewed386358
Larders or food cupboards ventilated or provided3
New sashcords and glass provided to doors and windows597637
Total nuisances abated4,6045,220
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