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Willesden 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Willesden]

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Table 28 New dwellings, 1960

Dwellings built by private builders (excluding those built by the police authorities376Nil
Built by local authority10186Nil
Applicants on Council's waiting list at 31.12.609,665
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Table 29

Notices served under Public Health Act, 1936 and Housing Act, 1957

Intimation notices served745900
Intimation notices complied with668886
Statutory notices served (Public Health Act, 1936)1,1161,050
Statutory notices complied with (Public Health Act, 1936)1,180902
Statutory notices served (Housing Act, 1957)125
Statutory notices complied with (Housing Act, 1957)116
Non-compliance with statutory notices referred to Town Clerk (Public Health Act, 1936, Sec. 93)1199135
Referred to the Borough Engineer for work to be carried out in default of owners*182151
*90 work done by Borough Engineer.
†Details of cases referred to the Town Clerk during the year:—
Work carried out93
Work in hand
Court orders obtained13
Summons withdrawn—notices complied with22
Notices withdrawn7
Proceedings pending
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Table 30

Inspections carried out under Public Health Act, 1936, Housing Act, 1957, Rent Act, 1957, Clean Air Act, 1956, Infectious Diseases and Miscellaneous Inspections

Public Health Act19601959
Dwelling houses inspected2,8762,733
Dwelling houses re-inspected10,0898,184
Other visits1,3311,254
Housing Act
Dwelling houses wholly inspected5141,582
Dwelling houses partly inspected57191
Dwelling houses re-inspected103216
Underground rooms inspected774
Overcrowding visits9933
Improvement grant inspections16573
Other visits3261,471
Rent Act
Dwelling houses inspected5480
Dwelling houses re-inspected56199
Other visits2191
Clean Air Act
Boiler plant inspections7155
Boiler plant re-inspections1463
Premises inspected (S.C.A.)11,3253,462
Premises re-inspected (S.C.A.)1,500489
Smoke observations349360
Rag Flock and Other Filling Materials Act
Premises inspected85
Visits re samples810
Infectious diseases
Infectious disease enquiries418778
Food poisoning enquiries66115
Polio virus survey visits7277
Massage establishments inspections4026
Cinemas, dance halls, schools, etc.. inspected4165
Noise nuisance investigations71166
Visits re unsound food137139
All other visits5,4531,461
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