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Willesden 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Willesden]

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Lectures on hygiene with films or film-strips were commenced in the schools in March, 1949. In the
Spring Term of 1949, a series of five lectures was given experimentally in two secondary modern schools (a
boys' school and a girls' school). Owing to the success of this experiment, it was decided to extend health
education to all the pupils in the final year of the secondary modern schools and to the junior pupils in the
two grammar schools, Willesden County and Kilburn Grammar Schools.
Lectures were based mainly on films available from the Central Office of Information and film-strips
purchased for the department; they were fitted in as far as possible with the hygiene or biology syllabus of the
school. The lectures were given by all the members of the medical staff, two members of the dental staff and
the Deputy Borough Engineer.
At fifteen schools, 130 films health talks were given to approximately 1,585 pupils; the average
attendance per lecture was 40 to 100 pupils. The following tables give in detail the films upon which the
lectures were based:
1. " Modern Guide to Health."
2. " Defeat Diphtheria."
3. " Milk from Grange Hill Farm."
4. " A B C D of Health." " Dinner at School.
" Hprp's Health "
6! " The Nose Has It." " Old Wives' Tales."
7. " Milk from Grange Hill Farm." " Water Service.'
8. "A B C D of Health."
9. " Your Very Good Health." " Charley's March of Time."
10. " Breath of Danger." " The Nose Has It."
11. " Your Children's Teeth."
12. " Your Children's Eyes."
13. " Unwanted Guests." " Modern Guide to Health."
14. " Round Figures." " Old Wives' Tales."
15. " Your Children's Ears."
16. " The Nose Has It." " Breath of Danger." " Defeat Diphtheria."
17. "Town and Country Planning." "New Town."
18. " The Londoners."
19. " Proud City."
20. " One Man's Story."
21. "The Nose Has It." " Modern Guide to Health."
22. " The Milky Way."
23. " Modern Guide to Health." " Old Wives' Tales."
Parents' Clubs.
The work of health education in the parents' clubs attached to the day nurseries was extended during
the year, and there were 14 film shows and 31 talks given by the members of the medical staff, the Borough
Librarian, the Borough Public Relations Officer, the Chief Sanitary Inspector and others. In addition, there
were 26 meetings and social evenings. The following is a list of films shown at the film health talks:
" A Start in Life." " The Nose Has It."
" Playing with Fire." " Unwanted Guests."
" New Town." " The World is Rich."
" Defeat Diphtheria." " Your Children's Ears."
" Breath of Danger." " Children on Trial."
" Charley's March of Time." " Children Learning by Experience."
" Double Thread." " Your Children's Sleep."
" Highland Doctor." " Modern Guide to Health."
" Your Very Good Health." " Old Wives' Tales."
" Here's Health." " Penicillin."
" Your Children's Meals." " Round Figures."
" Your Children and You."
Health Services of the other Authorities in the Area
The hospital facilities provided by the North-West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board, and the
maternity and child welfare and school health services provided by the Middlesex County Council, remain
substantially the same; they are described in the 1948 Report.

PREVALENCE OF, AND CONTROL OVER, INFECTIOUS AND OTHER DISEASES. Infectious Diseases. Number of Cases Notified and Confirmed.

Number of Cases Confirmed (number notified in brackets)
Diphtheria15 (48)8 (33)
Scarlet Fever306 (325)340 (356)
Pneumonia180 (195)161 (175)
Whooping Cough423 (435)205 (212)
Erysipelas39 (43)29 (35)
Measles1,281 (1,290)985 (990)