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Willesden 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Willesden]


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    Live Births:TotalMaleFemaleWillesden Borough Council
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    Deaths From:
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    Illegitimate Birth Rate. Effect on Day Nursery Applications.
    YearIllegitimate BirthsTotal BirthsWillesden
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    Table 1 POPULATION CHANGES IN WILLESDEN, 1936.49. Infant Mortality and Still-birth Rates, Willesden and England and Wales, 1936.49.
    YearPopulationNo. of Births in WillesdenDied under 1 Year, WillesdenInfant Death Rate, WillesdenInfant Death Rate, England and WalesNo. of Still.births, WillesdenStill.birth Rate, WillesdenStill.birth Rate, England and Wales
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    Table 2 Infant Mortality and Still.birth Rates by Wards.
    WardNo. of Persons per Acre, 1948Combined Rate, 1936.39Combined Rate, 1940.45Reduction 1940.45 compared with 1936.39 (Percentages in brackets)Combined Rate, 1946.49Reduction 1946.49 compared with 1940.45 (Percentages in brackets)Reduction 1946.49 compared with 1936.39 (Percentages in brackets)Still.birth Rate, 1946.49*
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    Table 3. Death Rate Under One Year per Thousand Live Births by Cause of Death in Willesden.
    1936.391940.451946.491936.39 1946.49 Percentage Reduction
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    Prematurity. Table 4. Premature Births and Deaths by Wards.
    CarltonKilburnBrondesbury ParkKensal RiseManorHarlesdenStonebridge
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    Table 5. Premature Births and Deaths.
    YearNumber of Births in Home (Deaths in brackets)Number of Births in Hospital (Deaths in brackets)Number of Home Births transferred to Hospital (Deaths in brackets)Total
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    Samples of milk taken by the Sanitary Inspectors from dealers in the district are also forwarded to the laboratory for examination. During the year 1949, the following work was carried out at the laboratory:
    Throat /Nose Swabs:
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    Uncleanliness and Scabies. Cases treated at the Scabies and Lice Treatment Centre, Neasden Hospital.
    No. of New Cases TreatedTotal No. of Attendances
    For ScabiesFor Lice and NitsTotalFor ScabiesFor Lice and NitsTotal
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    PREVALENCE OF, AND CONTROL OVER, INFECTIOUS AND OTHER DISEASES. Infectious Diseases. Number of Cases Notified and Confirmed.
    Number of Cases Confirmed (number notified in brackets)
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    Other Infectious Diseases Notified during 1949.
    DiseaseNumber Confirmed (number notified in brackets)
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    Tuberculosis Case and Death Rates (per 1,000 estimated Resident Population)Cases on Register
    No. of New Cases (No. of Deaths in brackets)Case Rates (Death Rates in brackets)PulmonaryNon-PulmonaryAll Forms
    YearPopulationPulmonaryNon-PulmonaryAll FormsPulmonaryNon-PulmonaryAll Forms
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    Table B PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS. Period between Notification and Death—Years 1945.49.
    Period between Notification and DeathPercentage of Total Deaths
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    Table C
    Comparative Statement of Tuberculosis Case Rate 1936.39—1946.49Decrease or Increase in the RatesDeath Rate 1946.49
    WardPulmonary RateNo. of Pulmonary CasesCombined RateNo. of Non. Pulmonary CasesPulmonary RateNo. of Pulmonary CasesCombined RateNo. of Non. Pulmonary CasesPulmonary RateCombined RateAll FormsRate
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    The following table shows the age distribution of notified and confirmed cases with the type of attack:
    AgeNotificationsConfirmed CasesPar Severealytic SlightNon-ParalyticAbortiveFatalPercentage of Total Confirmed Cases
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    They were all visited until April 30th, 1949, when they were all reported well.
    Number of Willesden ContactsNumber of Home Visits made by Health VisitorsNumber of Enquiries made by Telephone
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    Number of Vaccinations.
    Vaccinated on board S.S. " Mooltan "Vaccinated ElsewhereTotalSuccessful Vaccination
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    The Borough has three swimming baths—one covered-in bath at Granville Road, open all the year round, and two open-air baths at King Edwards and Gladstone Park Baths,—open from May to September. Samples of the bath water were taken regularly by the Health Department for bacteriological examination, and the results of these tests were as follows:
    BathNo. of Samples TakenNo. of Samples Reported as SatisfactoryNo. of Samples Reported as UnsatisfactoryPercentage
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    Periodic Inspections:
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    Sundry Nuisances Abated.
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    Food Unfit for Human Consumption:
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    Table I. WILLESDEN HYGIENIC FOOD COMMITTEE, Improvements Effected following Inspections for Certificates.
    Walls and Ceilings CleansedWalls and Ceilings RedecoratedLighting ImprovedVentilation ImprovedConstant Hot Water ProvidedHand Washing Facilities ImprovedSanitary Accommodation ImprovedUnprotected Foods CoveredUnsatisfactory Clothing ImprovedEquipment and StorageTowels made SatisfactoryTotal Improvements made
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    Table II WILLESDEN HYGIENIC FOOD COMMITTEE Report on Applications for Registration from March 16th—December 31st, 1949
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    TradeNumber in BoroughApplications ReceivedApproved and Certificate IssuedDeferred or Refused
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    Table III: Food Shops Inspected (other than those applying for Registration under Food Hygiene Scheme), 1949:
    TradeNo. of Premises VisitedWalls and Ceilings DirtyLack of VentilationInsufficient Refuse AccommodationWater Closet Accommodation UnsatisfactoryLack of Suitable Handwashing FacilitiesTrays, Fittings DirtyDrain Inlet in BuildingClothing DirtyInsufficient TowelsVerminTotal
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    Defects Remedied in 125 Factories:
    Character of DefectsNumber FoundNumber Remedied
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    Defects in 38 Factories:
    Character of DefectsNumber FoundNumber Remedied
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    Classification of Factories
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    Public Mortuary: During 1949 bodies were deposited at the Mortuary as follows:
    From WillesdenFrom ActonTotal