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St Pancras 1917

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras]

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The Four Boroughs Maternity Scheme has supplied the Medical Officer
for the pre-natal consultations (twice monthly) at the Bhyl Street and Argyle
Square Centres.
The Grafton Road Centre is held in rooms in the Public Baths, Prince of
Wales Road, lent by the Borough Council.

The number of names supplied was as follows:—

Centres.Expectant Mothers.Births.
St. Pancras School for Mothers447
40, Argyle Square87180
Passmore Edwards Settlement37136
Winscombe Street85
Falkland Road6179
Grafton Road169

Infants' Clinic.—The special clinic for sick children under school age has
been continued at the St. Pancras Dispensary, 39, Oakley Square. The infants
are referred to the clinic from the various infant welfare centres and other
sources. During 1917, 402 new cases under five years of age were treated
at the dispensary, of which 103 were visited by the dispensary doctor in their
own homes. The total number of attendances of these children was 1446,
and the total number of the doctor's home visits 362. The dispensary also
attended 44 women for illness associated with pregnancy or the puerperium,
who made 120 attendances.
In February, 1917, a half-time visiting nurse was appointed at the Dispensary
for the home visiting and nursing of sick children, half the salary being
repaid to the Dispensary by the Mayoress of St. Pancras Nursing Fund for
Sick Poor Children. To the end of 1917 the Nurse paid 771 visits to
children under 5.
Home Helps.—The need for domestic assistance for women in sickness and
childbirth had long been felt, and at the end of 1917 a small fund kindly
collected for the purpose by ladies of the South St. Pancras War Pensions
Committee, was put at the disposal of Miss Bibby, and a committee was
formed of which the Medical Officer of Health was made Chairman and Miss
Bibby Hon. Secretary, for the purpose of putting a scheme into operate n.
The work done by the committee belongs more properly to 1918.

Midwifery Work.

"Extern" Midwifery. —The number of St. Pancras mothers attended gratuitously at their confinements in their own homes during 1917, according to the birth notifications, was as follows:—

* New Hospital for Women (doctors)113
University College Hospital (medical students)674
„ „ „ (midwives)147
Middlesex Hospital (medical students)109
Royal Free Hospital (medical students)25
St. Bartholomew's Hospital (medical students)5
* Maternity Nursing Association, Myddleton Square and Oakley Square (midwives)156

(or one-third of the total number of births).
*In some of these cases the women were charged reduced fees.