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St Pancras 1917

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras]

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Work of the Voluntary Institutions. The work done during 1917 at the 11 voluntary centres (and by the Borough Health Visitors) is shewn in the following table:—

Attendances.Visits by Trained Visitors.No. of infant consultations held.No. of consultations for expectant mothers only.No. of trained visitors.‡
Expectant Mothers.Children.Expectant Mothers.Children.
New cases.Total attendancesNew cases.Total attendances.First visits.Total visits.First visits.Total Visits.
Under 1 year.Over 1 year.Total.Under 1 year.Over 1 year.Total.
Borough Health Visitors155218125229252 (whole time).
2 (half time).
St. Pancras School for Mothers641472278331029884991688135472 (whole time). 1(half time).
North St. Pancras School for Mothers:—
Rhyl Street Centre348626315278333655038861914962198697232 (whole time).
Winscombe Street Centre43435437661978515501 (3 days per week).
Grafton Road Centre59137256010066014179842
*Passmore Edwards Settlement School for Mothers55592887401195596305091538501 (3 half days per week).
Camden Town Mothers' and Infants' Welfare Centre1641872210910515051556112898778471 (2 days per week).
Argyle Square Mothers' and Infants' Welfare Centre4912411237149139137142899146376132351241 (whole time, paid).
Falkland Road Mothers' and Infants' Welfare Centre12312310841084511 (whole time, unpaid).
Maternity Nursing Association, 73, Oakley Square105372334334864969602032883546772612visiting done by midwives.
†University College Hospital54215606391917511 (whole time).
†Royal Free Hospital25761013912151I 6813972024112851982931471 (whole time).
*South Hampstead Centre, Lisburne Road357421801219252

* Counting St. Pancras cases only. †Including cases living outside St. Pancras. ‡These assist at the consultations besides visiting.