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Romford 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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I have, as in previous reports, much pleasure in testifying to the
satisfactory way in which the duties of Sanitary Inspector (Messrs.
Cornell and Carter) are carried out.
Tables of mortality and sickness, compiled according to the requirements
of the Local Government Board, are included in this Report.
Also a copy of Annual Report of the Inspectors, which has to be
forwarded to the County Council. Also the Annual Report under the
Factory and Workshop's Act, which has to be sent to the Home

The birth rate and death rate of the several localities in the district for the past five years are shown in the following table:—

Locality.1909.1910.191 1.1912.1913.
Birth-Rate.Death- Rate.Birth -Rate.Death-liate.Birth-Raie.Death-Rate.Birth-Rate.Death- Rate.Birth-Kate.Death-Rate.
Dagenham, Beacontree, and Chadwell Heath34.111.931.88.526. 811.324.49.921.810.1
Upminster, Cranham, and Corbets Tey15.47.916.0612.416.68.317.310.316.77.3
Noak Hill......36.310.826.084.334.313.04
Great Warley23.57.521.18.633.45.517.39.325.710.1
Rainham & Wennington28.116.527.17.927.113.326.67. 925.710.1
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