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Romford 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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With regard to provision for sanatorium treatment of Tuberculosis,
the County Council has established a dispensary at Romford, which
serves the rural district, and the Tuberculosis Officer for this part of the
county attends twice a week. The County Council has also built
a pavilion in the Isolation Hospital grounds for eight beds,
four male, four female (now, February, 1914, exclusively for females)
by arrangement with the Joint Hospital Board. This began work in
May last; it is doing well. There is, also, at the Union Workhouse,
accommodation for the following pauper cases—14 beds for males and
5 for females; 7 shelters for males and 5 for females.
This hospital, serving both the Rural and Urban Districts, is controlled
by the "Joint Hospital Board," a body composed of members of
both Councils, to whom I beg to express my warmest thanks for the
readiness with which all suggestions from the matron and myself for the
well-being of the hospital and its patients are responded to. The
hospital continues to work satisfactorily, holds a good position in public
favour, and is undoubtedly the means not only of preventing the spread
of infectious disease, but of saving lives which would be sacrificed, in
many cases, if left to the home nursing, etc., of parents. The number
of cases admitted from the Rural district during the year was 57. Of
these 50 were cases of Scarlet Fever, 6 of Diphtheria, and 1 of Enteric
Fever. One death was caused by Scarlet Fever and one by Diphtheria.

The following table shows the nature and distribution of fatal zymotic disease in the different localities of the district :—

Dagenham.Havering.Upminster.Hornchurch.Rainham.Great Warley.
Whooping Cough?4
Scarlet Fever1
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