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Romford 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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II.— An Account of the Sanitary Condition of the District at
the end of 1906.
In complying with this section of the Local Government Board's
instructions to Medical Officers of Health, I proceed to give, as in former
years, a short account of the sanitary state of the district, under the
same heads of localities as are given in the statistical tables.
Dagenham, Beacontree and Chadwell Heaths.—Villages and
scattered groups of houses, all situate in the Parish of Dagenham, and
occupying a very wide area, standing on gravel and London day, some
(part of Dagenham village and immediate neighbourhood) on alluvium.
Population estimated 7,500. Maindy agricultural, some (Dagenham
Village) employed in a large ammunition factory, and some on riverside
labour. At Chadwell Heath an increasing number of persons
employed in London. Water supply mainly from South Essex Water
Compauy. An extensive system of sewerage, nearly completed for
Dagenham and Beaoontree Heath, Chadwell Heath having been
severed for some years into the Ilford system. Pending the completion
of this system, the sanitary conditions remain much the same as
reported in previous years. This work has been very extensive, many
miles of sewers having to be laid and many difficulties having had to be
surmounted, involving much delay in the completion of the system.
Until the connection of houses with the sewers are made, the system in
vogue for some years, pail olosets, still exists. These are emptied once
a week by the Sanitary Authority, as are also all cesspools as required.
Scavenging done by contract. Dustbins periodically emptied. Birthrate,
29.4 per 1,000. Death-rate, 11.4. Death-rate from zymotic
disease, 0.5.
Noak Hill stands high on London clay. Population 260. Agricultural.
Water supply indifferent. AVater area very diffioult to
tap. Birth-rate, 19.2. Death-rate, 7.6. Death-rate from zymotic
disease, Nil.
Havering stands high on pebble sand bounded by London and
Boulder clay. Population 420. Agricultural. Birth-rate, 22.1.
Death-rate, 11.1. Death-rate from zymotic disease, Nil. Privies.
Water supply mainly from wells. Supply not good. Some of the