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Romford 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]

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(c) Diphtheria.
No cases of Diphtheria were reported.
The following statistics relate to the state of immunisation at 31st
December, 1957. In addition to the initial series of injections,
"booster" doses have been given.


Under 5 years5-15 years
Number of children who had completed a full course of Immunisation at any time up to 31st December, 1957, and who were born between 31st December, 1942, and 31st December, 19575,28215,956

(d) Dysentery.
Twenty-four cases of Dysentery were notified, as belonging to
Romford. Three of these were due to Shigella Sonnei, and twenty-one
were unclassified.
(e) Food Poisoning.
During the year, eight cases were notified, which proved to be
suffering from food poisoning. In addition another 20 proved indefinite.
The following table sets out details, as required by the Ministry of


(a)Total number of Outbreaks1
(b)Total number of Cases included in (a)3
(c)Number of Single Cases25
(d)Number of DeathsNil
(e)(i) Organisms responsibleTyphi-MuriumB.ProteusUnkown
(ii) Outbreaks attributable to (i)1NilNil
(iii) Single cases attributable to (i)4120
(f) Measles.
Measles was again present in epidemic form from January until July. Altogether, during the year, 1,880 cases were notified.
(g) Scarlet Fever.
The notifications numbered 151, and the type was again mild.
(h) Smallpox.
No cases occurred in the district, and no contacts required to be kept under surveillance.