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Romford 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]

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5. Housing Repairs and Rents Act, 1954.
During the year five applications were received for Certificates of
Disrepair under the above Act, and four Certificates were issued, making
a total of 106 Certificates issued since October 1954.
Nine applications were also received for the Revocation of Certificates,
and in nine cases the Certificates were revoked when the repairs
had been completed satisfactorily.
This Act was superseded by the Rent Act 1957, and at the end
of the year there were 29 Certificates outstanding.
6. Rent Act, 1957.
This Act came into operation on the 6th July 1957. From the date of
operation until the end of the year the following matters were dealt with.
(1) Applications for Certificates of Disrepair 130
(2) Applications refused 4
(3) Undertakings accepted 74
(4) Certificates of Disrepair issued 34
(i) Notifiable Diseases
As before, I have not recorded those notifications, where the
diagnosis has been altered after a period of observation, or after
investigation. Where, however, the amended diagnosis has proved to
be another type of infection which is notifiable, the case has been
appropriately recorded. These amendments are sent to the RegisterGeneral
at the end of each quarter.
(a) Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis
In view of the fact that Poliomyelitis was rather prevalent in some
parts of the Country, and even in Essex, during the year, Romford
was rather fortunate in having only six cases. One of these occurred
in January, and was of the paralytic type. The others occurred in
August to October, and were non-paralytic. There were no deaths.
In connection with the scheme for immunisation against Poliomyelitis,
868 children received the first injection, and 4,948 completed
both injections.
(b) Acute Infective Hepatitis.
This condition continues to be notifiable in this region. Altogether,
there were 18 notifications.