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Romford 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]

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(b) Legal Proceedings. The Council authorised the following cases to be taken before the Magistrates' Court.

(1) Sunday employment22Case dismissed No costs awarded
(2) Sunday trading47Fined £2
(3) Evening closing hours2Fined £2

(ix) The Heating Appliances (Fireguards) Act, 1952.
98 premises were visited where heating appliances were exposed for
sale and as a result of these visits 26 appliances were found not to
conform with the standards prescribed. These were withdrawn from
sale. I have to report that many of the appliances found not to conform
with the Act were passed by the manufacturers as complying' with the
Regulations. At my request modifications have now been made to the
guards giving greater strength etc., and the manufacturers have given
assurances that more attention will be given in their final inspection to
ensure there will be no further breaches of the Act.
(x) Atmospheric Pollution
The Council have agreed to co-operate in the County Council's
scheme for recording atmospheric pollution throughout the county; this
work is carried out in conjunction with the Fuel Research Station,
As far as Romford is concerned, there is a Deposit Gauge ituate
on the roof of the Town Hall and a Lead Peroxide Instrument situate
at North Road, Havering.
The former is used to collect rainwater and to estimate the amount
of suspended matter in the air, whilst the latter records the amount of
Sulphur Dioxide present in a given quantity of air.
For research purposes the measurements are obtained monthly, the
following table gives the total recording for the whole year.
Estimated rainfall collected in inches 18.23
Insoluble matter—tons per sq. mile 82.73
Soluble matter—tons per sq. mile 109.61
Total Solids—tons per sq. mile 192.34
Sulphur Dioxide—Mg. per 1,200 sq. c.m 15.88