London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Romford 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]

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Table 13—continued

ArticleNumber examinedResult of Analysis
FormalInformalTotalGenuineNot Genuine
Brought forward1520822320617
Sausages (Unclassified)111
Savora (Savoury Relish)111
Scotch Broth-111
Sea Legs111
Self-Raising Flour111
Slimming Tablets111
Soup, Asparagus111
Steak and Kidney Pudding-111-
Suet, Beef-111-
Sugar Fruits-111
Sugared Perles-111-
Sunny Spread111-
Sweets and Confectionery-202020-
Swiss Buns-11-1
Tomato Cream-111-
Tomato Juice-111-
Tomato Juice Cocktail-111-
Tonic Phosphates111-
Tunes (Throat Sweets)-111-
Turkey (Minced)22--
Turkey and Ham Paste-111-
Vanilla Essence-111-
Vinegar, Malt-111-
Yeast, Dried-111-
Yorkshire Relish111

(viii) Shops Act, 1950.
(a) Inspections.
1,070 shops have been inspected and recorded on the Register.
Altogether 4,351 Inspections and observations have been made for
various purposes under the Act during the year.
The following contraventions were noted:—
Failure to exhibit prescribed notices 214
Failure to keep records 39
Conditions of employment 9
Arrangements for Health and Welfare 34
Other matters 9
Under the heading of Conditions of employment, four employers
were found to be employing persons under the age of 18 years for more
than the maximum hours laid down in the Act. It is essential, therefore,
that frequent routine visits be made to places where young persons are
employed to ensure that records of hours worked are properly kept.