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Romford 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]

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Cream Soda
This sample was submitted as a result of a complaint as to its
peculiar smell of sulphuretted hydrogen.
On examination it was found that there were slight traces of
sulphuretted hydrogen present, but these did not exceed 2 parts per
million. It appeared that the production of the sulphuretted hydrogen
was connected with the vulcanised rubber stopper. This matter was
taken up with the manufacturers and the local authority in whose area
the factory is situated.

LEGAL PROCEEDINGS (i) The following cases were taken under the Food and Drugs Act, 1955.

(1)Rodent excreta in buns8Fined £2 Costs £2.10.0.
(2)Rodent excreta in bread8Fined £5 Costs £2.10.0.
(3)Mould growths in apple slices8Fined £5 Costs £1.6.0
(4)Milk containing added water32.(3)Fined £3 Costs £8.8.0
(ii)The following cases were taken under the Food Hygiene Regulations.
(5)Failure to exhibit name and address on food stall26.(1)Fined £1
(6)Transporting meat in an unsatisfactory vehicle29.(1)Fined £20
(7)Exposing food to contamination8. (b)Fined £5
(8)Smoking whilst handling open food9Fined £2
(9)Smoking whilst handling open food9Fined 10/-
(10)Smoking whilst handling open food9Fined £1
(iii)The following case was taken under the Slaughter of Animals Act 1933/54.
(11)Failure to stun an animal with a mechanical instrument before slaughter1Fined £5