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Romford 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]

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Swiss Buns
This sample consisted of two swiss buns that contained blackish
foreign bodies in the icing. The Analyst confirmed that these foreign
bodies were rodent excreta.
The baker was prosecuted and fined.
This sample was submitted as a result of a complaint that the pastry
had a bitter taste and produced a dry sensation in the mouth. The
Analyst reported that the pastry contained an excessive amount of salt.
Apple Slices
These apple slices were found to be affected with spores and mycella
of mould growths and were unfit for human consumption.
The vendor was prosecuted and fined.
Packet of Currants
These currants were sold prepacked bearing a label containing the
statement that the contents were "Specially Cleaned and ready for
use." The Analyst reported that the currants contained 0.47 per cent
of sand, and therefore the label was misleading.
The matter was taken up with the packers and further samples
taken proved to be satisfactory.
This sample was found to contain added water and as a result
Formal samples were taken from the producer. These are referred to
Whole Orange Drink
This sample was submitted following a complaint that it had an
unpleasant taste. It was found to be undergoing fermentation. The
matter was taken up with the manufacturers who withdrew any outstanding
stock of the same batch from sale.
Powdered Arrowroot
This was the result of a complaint that the "Powdered Arrowroot"
cause milk to curdle.
On examination it was found that the powder submitted with the
complaint was not arrowroot but boracic acid which would account
for the curdling of milk.
Further samples of arrowroot taken from the same shop proved
to be genuine.
On further investigation it was found that there was a similarity
in the packets and that a mistake had been made in the first instance.