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Romford 1925

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]


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    The following table shows the parishes which comprise the Rural District, together with their populations, as recorded at the census in the years stated.
    Year 1891190119111921
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    I am indebted to the Surveyor, Mr. W. J. Grant, for the following statement of the rainfall as recorded at the Hornchurch Sewage Works.
    No. of Days on which rain fell.Amount in inches.
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    In the four previous years the records at the same Works were as follows:—
    YearNo. of days on which rain fell.Amount in inches.
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    Social Conditions. The following are the principal occupations in the district as recorded at the 1921 Census:—
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    Total Deaths —Civilians only.
    Causes of DeathM.F.
  • Page 6
    Deaths tabulated in age-groups.
    All causesM.F.
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    Table showing localization and sex.
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    The following table shows the number of houses erected by the Council since the war, the schemes being completed during 1922.
    Houses erected 1921-1922. Parish.Number.
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    The following table is required by the Ministry of Health.
    In 1920In Jan. 1925In Dec. 1925
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    Notifications received during the years 1921-25.
    Year 19211922192319241925
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    Incidence of Notifiable Infectious Diseases during the year.
    Cases NotifiedAdmitted to HospitalTotal Deaths
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    Analysis of Cases under stated Age Groups.
    YearScarlet FeverDiphtheriaErysipelas
  • Page 18
    New CasesDeaths
    Age Periods.M.F.M.F.M,F.M. F.
  • Page 19
    8. On the Admii shop Act, 1901 nistration of the Factory and Work-
    PremisesInspectionsNumber of Written NoticesProsecutions