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Orpington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Orpington]

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FormalSamples takenResult
Table Jelly11
Tincture of Iodine11
Tomato Ketchup33
Veal and Ham Rissoles11
Vitaminised Iron Tonic11
Vitamin Tablets22
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*These two samples of quinine were found to be inferior due to
the deficiency of ammonia which presumably had evaporated
through the cork. This often happens with old stock and the
Pharmacist concerned was asked to prepare his stock in smaller
Food Hygiene Regulations, 1955.
There were no prosecutions under the above Regulations during
A total of 960 inspections were made by the District Inspectors
during the year.
As a result of these inspections, 29 informal notices were served
on the proprietors, and by the end of the year the following works
had been carried out at various food premises:—
Walls and ceilings cleansed 11
Floors cleansed 3
Structural repairs 7
Sanitary accommodation—
Repaired 4
Cleansed 2
Hand washing notices affixed 1
Wash hand basins provided 1
Hot Water Supply provided 4
Clothing accommodation provided 1
Dustbin provided for refuse storage 1
Soap, towels and nailbrush provided 3
Impervious work surfaces provided 1
Miscellaneous 6
Food Complaints.
Twenty-nine complaints of unsound condition and/or contamination
of foodstuffs were received from the public during the year
as under. Where the condition of the food could not be determined
by visual examination, the article was sent to the Council's Analyst.
In each case it was possible to give a satisfactory explanation to
the complainant and restitution was made as necessary.

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