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Orpington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Orpington]

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Open Air Recreational Amenities.
Approximately 283.6 acres of land have been secured for
public recreational purposes within the Urban District, as under:—
Parks and Recreation Grounds.
Ward. Acreage.
Biggin Hill Biggin Hill 10.7
Chelsfield Chelsfield 0.50
Cudham Village Cudham 10.39
Cudham Lane Green-Street-Green 6.5
Downe Downe 3.0
Farnborough Farnborough 10.0
Glentrammon Green-Street-Green 13.5
Goddington Goddington South 63.95
Grassmeade Goddington North 9.6
Knockholt Knockholt 0.75
Petts Wood Crofton North 12.27
Poverest Knoll 17.5
Prattsbottom Playground Green-Street-Green 0.055
St. Mary Cray St. Mary Cray 19.0
Willett Petts Wood 6.1
Farnborough (Opp. New Inn P.H.) Farnborough 0.134
Public Gardens.
Broxbourne Gardens Knoll 0.82
Riverside Gardens St. Mary Cray 10.3
The Priory Gardens Goddington North 14.03
Open Spaces.
Okemore Gardens St. Mary Cray 3.75
Wotton Green St. Mary Cray 2.25
Common Land.
Biggin Hill Green Biggin Hill 1.47
Broomhill Common Knoll 1.89
Darrick Common Crofton South 1.88
Farnborough Common Farnborough 16.72
Green-Street-Green Green-Street-Green 15.6
Prattsbottom Green-Street-Green 0.52
Leaves Green Common Leaves Green 19.55
Tugmutton Green Farnborough 4.39
Old Hill Green-Street-Green 1.8
Gumping Common Crofton South 4.25
Sparrow Common Petts Wood 0.50
The contribution which the open spaces can make towards the
health of the place is, of course, incalculable, and by its provision of
a large number of open-air recreational facilities, the Council has
made arrangements for both young and old alike. The younger
generation are given the opportunity to enjoy their sports and
pastimes, and for those who enjoy less active pursuits, every chance
is given to take full advantage of the restfulness of a summer
evening or week-end. Such amenities for both recreation and
relaxation can only have beneficial effects on the population in