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Orpington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Orpington]

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The changing hazards of present day life are illustrated by the
decline in deaths from tuberculosis, the figure this year being the
smallest ever to be recorded in the Urban District, and, in contrast,
by the increasing importance of road deaths, which reached the
highest level of any year for which records are available.
Morbidity Statistics.

The following is a summary of the weekly details received from the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance during 1960:—

Four weeks endingNumber of First Certificates of incapacity received
26th January987
23rd February987
29th March796
26th April703
24th May659
21st June522
12th July577
9th August485
6th September482
4th October611
1st November869
29th November732
27th December741
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Medical Examinations.
110 members, or potential members of the staff were examined
medically during the year.
I am indebted to the Manager of the local Employment
Exchange for the following information with regard to unemployment
in the area during 1960:—
"The number of unemployed persons has throughout the year
1960 been considerably lower than in 1959, the difference varying,
according to the time of year, between 50 and 200 persons. The
usual pattern has been followed, i.e. the highest figure in January,
gradually decreasing until June, and then slight increases until the
end of the year.
There as been a steady demand for workers throughout the
year, and with local firms increasing their labour force and some
new firms coming into the area, there has been little long term

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