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Leyton 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]

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This amendment was put to the vote and declared lost, after
which the motion, viz., "That the Council, having given due consideration
to the letter of the Local Government Board of the 10th March,
1903 ('24,275 M.. 1903), in reference to site for an Isolation Hospital,
is of opinion that the Oliver Road Site, as proposed by the Council,
should be utilised for the purpose, and request the Local Government
Board to issue Sanction for Loan, the Council undertaking that it will
not erect a Small Pox Hospital thereon, or within a quarter of a mile
of the site, and further that the Surveyor be instructed to prepare the
necessary specification and estimate for fencing and planting a belt of
trees, etc., on site," was again put to the vote, and, the Council having
divided, 17 voted for and 4 against the motion, which was thereupon
declared carried.
On April 27th the Local Government Board forwarded sanction
to the borrowing of £3625 for 50 years by the Council to defray
cost of the Oliver Road Site, which sanction was followed by a letter
from the Local Government Board, 4th May, 1903, intimating that, in
view of representations made to the President, the Board had instructed
one of their Inspectors to attend the next Meeting of the Council in
reference to the suggestions set out in the latter part of the Board's
letter of the 10th March last, and requesting that in the meantime the
District Council take no action in respect of the Sanction, upon which
it was resolved by the Council that a Special Meeting of the Council
in General Purposes Committee be held on Wednesday, the 20th
instant, at 7.30 o'clock p.m., to meet the Inspector to be appointed for
this purpose by the Local Government Board.
This Meeting was duly held, and for a full report of the statement
of the Hospital Sites Committee, in reply to Dr. E. Petronell
Manby's observations at the General Purposes Committee Meeting, I
must refer to pages 134 to 139 of the Minutes of Council and Reports
for June, presented at the Monthly Meeting of the Council on July 7th,
as the proceedings are too voluminous for reproduction here.
The next stage of the matter was a letter from the Local Government
Board, 24th June, 1903, intimating that the Board had decided
to leave with the Council the responsibility for erecting an Infectious
Diseases Hospital on the Oliver Road Site, and for carrying on their
Sewage Farm and Refuse Destructor, so as to prevent any nuisance
arising therefrom to the detriment of the proposed Hospital or its
occupants, and that the Council might now proceed on the sanction
to the borrowing of the sum of £3,625, which accompanied the Board's
letter of the 27th April.
Following which, after an interval, came the decision of the
Committee to appoint a Sub-Committee to visit two or three towns
where hospitals have recently been erected, in order to obtain information
as to accommodation, designs, etc.

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