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Hornchurch 1963

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Parsley sauce1Yorkshire pudding mixture1
Paprika1Yorkshire relish1
Pate-de-foie1Cherry brandy1
Pepper (ground white)1Brandy1
Potato instant mashed1Rum1
Potted salmon with butter1Whisky1
Raisin bran flakes1Ammoniate tincture quinine B.P.C.1
Ready Brek1Black cherry linctus (child’s)1
Rice (ground)1
Rice pudding1Bisurated magnesia1
Rice (Baby)1Bronchial mixture1
Sage and onion stuffing1Cough balsam1
Salad cream1Cough drops1
Salmon3Cough syrup3
Sardines2Camphorated oil1
Sausages—beef7D.D.D. balm1
Sausages—pork10Dequadin tabletsl
Savoury tangs1Fumox1
Smoked rainbow trout1Tron tonic tablets2
Snow cake mixture1Kompol
Sponge mix (sweetened)1Glycerin, honey and oil of lemonl
Soy sauce1Meggezones1
Steak and kidney pie3Meloids1
Strawberries1Mentholated balsaml
Suet1Menthol and wintergreen cream with mustard1
Tea3Nerve and restorative tonic1
Tomatoes3Oil of wintergreenl
Tomato ketchup1Panaleve tabletsl
Tomato puree1Paxedin tabletsl
Turkey supreme1Pernivit tablets (for chilblains1
Veal curry1
Vegetable juice1Senna laxative pastillesl
Vegetables mixed1Smokers cough pastilles1
Vegetable oil1Speedy cough mixture1
Velveeta1Stomach powderl
Vinegar malt2Tonic syrup for nerves1
Vita wheat1Sulphur tablets1
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