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Hornchurch 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Preserved Food Manufacturers.
Section 90 of the Hornchurch Urban District Council Act, 1936,
requires registration of preserved food manufacturers and premises. At
the end of the year 67 persons and 86 premises were registered for
the manufacture of preserved meat, an increase of 2 persons and 2
premises. Regular supervision is maintained over them.
Essex County Council Act, 1952, Section 103.
This section which deals with the registration of hawkers of food and
their premises came into force on 1st April, 1953 and at the end of the
year 65 persons and 13 premises had been registered.
Milk Distributors.
There are 9 milk distributors with 13 registered premises in the
district. There are also 13 firms registered as milk distributors in
Hornchurch whose premises are registered in other districts. In addition
52 shopkeepers are registered for the sale of bottled milk only.
The Milk (Special Designation) (Raw Milk) Regulations 1949-54,
and The Milk (Special Designation) (Pasteurised and Sterilised Milk)
Regulations, 1949-53.

The number of licences issued by the Council during the year was as follows:—

Dealer's (Pasteurised)60
Supplementary Pasteurised7
Dealer's Sterilised84
Supplementary Sterilised8
Dealer's Tuberculin Tested45
Supplementary Tuberculin Tested6
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Milk Sampling.
The 98 samples of milk taken from the dairies and in the streets
during the course of delivery to customers throughout the year were
submitted to the Counties Public Health Laboratories for testing. In
each case a satisfactory report was received. In addition 32 samples
were submitted to the Public Analysts.
Liaison With Other Authorities.
Our excellent liaison with the London County Council in respect of
the Hornchurch Children's Homes and the Brentwood Group Hospital
Management Committee in respect of Harold Wood Hospital regarding
the testing of their milk supplies (noted in last year's report) continues.

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