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Hornchurch 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Three pork pies containing mould growth.Legal proceedings instituted Vendor fined £5.
Mould on bottom of chocolate cake.Matter taken up with Vendor and Manufacturer.
Baby food alleged to contain carpet beetles.Vendor's premises inspected and no evidence of infestation found.
Mouldy Wholemeal sliced loaf.Legal proceedings instituted— Vendor fined £5.
Mouldy meat pie.Legal proceedings instituted— Vendor fined £5.
Mouldy brown bread.No action possible in view of lapse of time in notifying complaint.
Two third pint bottles of milk, cracked and alleged to contain extraneous matter.Matter taken up with bottling firm regarding cracked bottle, no evidence found of extraneous matter.
Bottle of milk containing bottle cap.Matter taken up with bottling firm.
Bottle of milk alleged to contain extraneous matter.On investigation complaint not substantiated.
Bread containing wasp.Bakery concerned notified, but complainant did not wish matter to be brought to litigation.
Mouldy apple turnover.Legal proceedings instituted Vendor fined £5.
Scones containing nails.Legal proceedings instituted-— Vendor fined £10.
Cooked beef and tin of plums alleged to have caused diarrhoea.On investigation complaint not substantiated.
Jam tarts alleged to have caused diarrhoea.On investigation complaint not substantiated.
Turkey alleged to have bitter taste.Matter amicably settled between Vendor and complainant.
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Food Premises.
The number of food premises in the district may be classified as
follows (where more than one trade is carried on at any premises then

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