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Hornchurch 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Milk bottle containing paper.After investigation no action possible, in view of all circumstances.
Foreign matter in bun.Matter taken up with Vendor.
Foreign matter in loaf.Matter taken up with Baker— foreign matter proved to be brown dough.
Mouldy breakfast cereal.Complainant decided to deal with matter herself.
Five third pint bottles of milk chipped and damaged.Matter taken up with Dairy concerned.
Fish containing worms.Parasites harmless to man—no action.
Dirt on surface of third pint bottle of milk.No action—complaint not wholly substantiated.
Three bottles of milk — cracked and chipped.Matter taken up with bottling firm.
Bottle of milk containing bottle cap.Matter investigated and enquiries made at farm where milk is bottled. Appropriate official of Ministry informed.
Mouldy meat pie.Vendor warned regarding storage of cooked meats.
Foreign matter in loaf.Baker warned.
Third pint bottle of milk containing bottle cap.Matter taken up with Dairy.
Unpleasant taste from mixed grill.Matter taken up with Vendor.
Dirty bottle of milk.Bottling firm warned.
Fly in bottle of milk.Matter taken up with Dairy concerned —- no proof fly was in bottle when delivered to complainant.
Third pint bottle of milk containing bottle cap.Matter taken up with Dairy.
Bottle of milk containing foreign matter.On investigation found bottle had been returned to Dairy by complainant.
"Cream" in eclair alleged to have bitter taste.Complaint not substantiated on investigation.
Bacon found to contain maggots.Vendor warned.
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