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Hornchurch 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Peas, dried1Brandy1
Peas, processed1Cherry B1
Pineapple Preserve1Sherry1
Plum PuddingWhisky1
Polony1Adult Nerve Tonic1
Pork, minced1Baby Cough Linctus1
Pork Sausage Meat1Beltona Brand Lotion1
Pudding1Benzoic Tablets1
Rice, flaked1Camphorated Oil
Rice, groundCascara Elixir1
Royal Chiffon Strawberry1Chilblain Ointment1
Rum Truffles1Chilva Elixir1
Rusks1Cod Liver Oil1
Salad Cream2Cough Treatment1
Salmon1Do-Do Tablets1
Salmon with butter, potted1Ear Drops2
Sandwich Spread1Eucalyptus Oil1
Sardines1Glinteel Lotion1
Sausages1Glycerine, Lemon and Honey Balsam1
Sausages, beef
Sausages, pork3Glucose Linctus1
Saveloys1Halibut Liver Oil Caps1
Savoury Relish1Hypophosphates1
Savoury Biscuits1Iodized Throat Lozenges1
Self-raising flour3Kompo1
Spaghetti2Menthol and Eucalyptus Sweets1
Sponge Drops1
Sponge Fingers1Menthol and Wintergreen with Mustard1
Sponge filled with Cream1
Steak and Kidney Pie1Mixed Oils1
Steak and Kidney Pudding1Nasal Spray1
Steak, stewed3Neo-Dex Ointment1
Suet, shredded beef1Parrish's Syrup or Chemical Food2
Sultanas1Pastilles (for sore gums and mouth)1
Sultana Cake1
Sweets and Confectionery4Quinine Tonic Water1
Tea3Redoxon Ascorbic Acid1
Tea Break Biscuits1Relaxa Tablets1
Toffee Popcorn1Rivella1
Tomato Juice1Settlers1
Tomato Ketchup1Spirit of Salvolatile1
Trifle Mixture1Tonic Yeast1
Tuna in Jelly1Tooth Tincture1
Turkey minced in Jelly1Witch Hazel Distilled1
Vegetable Juice1Worm Syrup1
Vinegar, malt1Total277
Welsh Rarebit Spread1
Yeast Extract1
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