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Hornchurch 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Number of visits paid (including contacts)702
Number of notices served:
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The main headings under which work was done may be noted as follows:

Housing2,134 visits
Inspection of Food and Food Premises2,827 „
General Sanitation3,591 „
Infectious Diseases702 „
Shops Act Inspections873 „
Factories and Outworkers361 „
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Public Health Inspectors' Work.
Largely due to the claims of smoke control but also aided by the
improved standards now existing in food premises, fewer visits were
paid under Food Inspection auspices and many more in connection with
Atmospheric Pollution.
The routine work of a Department always tends to suffer in times
of specialised effort and this trend is not material so long as the effect
upon the routine does not go beyond a certain limit.
The general work of the Inspectorate was, I consider, of a high
Shops Act, 1950.
The number of shops on the register at the end of the year was
Nineteen notices were served during the year regarding contraventions
of the Act.

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