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Hornchurch 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Staff canteens21
Miscellaneous visits21
Housing (visits paid):
Overcrowding, etc. enquiries82
Improvement grants111
Structural defects347
Water supply and pipes67
Miscellaneous housing visits186
Re-inspections... 1,273
General Sanitary Circumstances (visits paid):
Atmospheric pollution517
Camping and fairgrounds, vans, etc110
Drainage and sewerage673
Stables, piggeries, animals, birds, etc62
Paddling pool samples16
Refuse tips53
Pest Control349
Sewage works (effluent samples)3
Swimming Pool samples13
Water samples (main supply)15
Water samples (well)20
Rivers, streams, ponds, etc84
Miscellaneous visits87
Factories and Outworkers :
Number of visits paid361
Shops Act:
Number of inspections873
Miscellaneous (visits paid):
Diseases of Animals (Waste Food) Order41
Heating Appliances (Fireguards) Act24
Pet Animals Act42
Rag Flock and Other Filling Materials Act6
Old Metal Dealers4
Smoke Control Areas1,774
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