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Hornchurch 1958

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Carcases Inspected and Condemned.

Cattle excluding CowsCowsCalvesSheep and LambsPigsHorses
Number killed4504421,3431,474
Number inspected4504421,3431,474
All diseases except Tuberculosis and Cysticercosis—
Whole carcases condemned1
Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned2311040
Percentage of number inspected affected with disease other than tuberculosis, etc.5.1%25%-0.7%2.8%-
Tuberculosis only—
Whole carcases condemned
Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned14---17
Percentage of number inspected affected with tuberculosis3.1%-1.1%
Cysticercosis only—
Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned1
Carcases submitted to treatment by refrigeration2-
Generalised and totally condemned------
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Slaughter of Animals Acts, 1933 to 1954.
Six slaughterman's licences were issued during the year.
Ice Cream.
During the year 30 applications for registration as vendors and 22
applications for registration of premises for the storage and sale of ice
cream were granted.
At the end of the year 3 persons and premises were registered for
manufacture and 279 for the storage and/or sale of ice cream.
Eighty-one samples were taken during the year. 79 proved satisfactory.
In addition 49 samples were taken under the Food and Drugs
Act, for examination by the Public Analysts.
The quality of the ice cream sold locally remains in general of a
highly satisfactory order.

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