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Hornchurch 1958

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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not always appreciated or acted upon although some improvement in this
regard is possibly occurring.
Outstanding contraventions are notified to the responsible parties
who are then given very considerable latitude so long as an earnest
endeavour to rectify matters is evident. Only one prosecution under
Regulation 16 was actually taken. This action was successful in obtaining
the provision of a hot water supply to the wash-hand basin.
Some 94 notices were served during the year following upon routine
inspections made by the Public Health Inspectors.
The degree of co-operation which was received is high, our attitude
towards compliance with our requirements or requests takes full cognizance
of the individual case circumstances and the future success practically
of the Regulations now hinges upon the District Public Health

Unsound Food.

During the year the following foods were voluntarily surrendered to the Public Health Inspectors as being unfit for human consumption:—

Tinned Meat11477
Tinned Fish117
Tinned Milk3366
Tinned Food111084
Miscellaneous Groceries124311
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During the localised flooding in September a certain amount of food
was ascertained to be unfit and was surrendered and disposed of.
It is interesting to note that cans exposed to flood water and badly
dented when sent for bacteriological examination—with their labels onprovided
a higher bacterial count externally than undamaged cans.

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