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Hornchurch 1958

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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The Engineer and Surveyor, Mr. V. Williams, has supplied the following list of private streets adopted during the year ended 31st December, 1958:-

ROADLength feet
Hacton Drive (part)490
Service Roadā€”Upminster Road and Hacto Lane657
Station Parade, Elm Park423
Edison Close80
Roseberry Gardens620
Anglesey Drive330
Lynross Close137
Suttons Lane1,400
Worcester Avenue731
Canterbury Avenue904
Maylands Way705
Craven Gardens157
Mount Avenue172
Brierley Close316
Colne Valley275
Forth Road768
Franmil Road475
The Ridgeway1,009
Fames Drive377
Pine Court336
New Hall Drive (part)294
Heron Way (part)1,530
Swift Close134
Swan Avenue735
Tern Gardens175
Plover Gardens151
Ford Close448
Bader Way1,789
Broadhurst Walk184
Bouchier Walk79
Stapleton Crescent592
Deere Avenue1,881
Simpson Road1,128
Gilroy Close139
Beaumont Crescent260
Tuck Road1,284
Locke Close141
Hugo Gardens325
Gillam Way579
Malan Square728
Tempest Way496
Finucane Gardens746
Boulter Gardens284
Harlow Road (part)478
Ryder Gardens602
Wells Gardens613
Denholme Walk285
Sowrey Avenue1,153
Syracuse Avenue312
Lovell Walk451
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