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Hornchurch 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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With the increasing amount of Gastro-intestinal infection it must
equally be a source of increasing concern that food handlers may from
time to time be ascertained to be suffering from or 'carriers' of Dysentery
or Food Poisoning germs and may on this account have to be excluded
from work. I consider it doubtful whether the vast progress made in
the field of antibiotics can always be reflected in dealing with cases or
especially 'carriers' of, for example, Sonne. Certainly duration of the
'carrier' state in some of these instances is problematical and even
lengthy. It can readily be understood that one or two instances of this
kind could involve a local authority in a substantial and hardly to be
anticipated outlay in compensation.
Mass X-Ray Unit.
This Unit visited Hornchurch from 22nd August to 8th October.
Details are noted below.

The 1954 totals are given in parenthesis.

CentreNo. X-rayed on miniature filmNo. recalled for large film
Rainham Combined Treatment Centre320396716(689)6814
S. Hornchurch Clinic296405701(644)91221
Elm Park Day Nursery4146681,082(954)121628
Billet Lane Hall8441,3262,170(1,644)302252
Health Service Clinic, Upminster6491,2531,902(1.011)91625
Local Works1,0701,1902,260(745)372966


General Public1,8583,3495,207
Factories, offices, etc.1,3011,2942,595
General practitioner referrals4753100

The register at the end of the year showed an increase of both
females and males in the respiratory sections. New cases were mainly
noted in the 15 to 24 year-old female group.
In spite of the increased numbers the picture generally is encouraging.
The table showing the interval between notification and death
not only dramatises the decrease in deaths but also the gradual increasing
tendency for cases to live longer after notification.