London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Hornchurch 1931

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]


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    New sewers or extensions of existing sewers completed during the year:—
    SEWERS LAIDSoil 12" feetSoil 9" feetSoil 6" feetS.W. 12" feetS.W. 9" feetSW.6" feet
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    Incidence of Notifiable Infectious Diseases during the year.
    Cases Notified.Admitted to Hospital.Total Deaths
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    In the following table the deaths are given in stated age-groups.
    AgeNo. of Deaths
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    Infantile Mortality The following table shows the causes of death and the distribution in age groups of the infants who died under one year of age.
    Ages Under 1 weekPrematurity, 2; Injury or lack of attention, 2; Asphyxia, 3.
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    Rainfall during the Year I am indebted to Mr. F. Alderson, the Surveyor, for the subjoined information on the rainfall as recorded at the Sewage Disposal works on the Rainham Road.
    Total of rainfall in inchesNo. of days in which rain fell
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    On the Administration of the Factory and Workshop Act, 1901.
    1. Inspection.
    Premises.Inspections.Number of Written Notices.Prosecutions.