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Havering 1968

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Havering]

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and warnings to this effect are usually displayed on the labels. In
addition certain cooked foods ordishes prepared by hot processes
have to be placed somewhere to cool, and if a cool, well ventilated
and fly protected food store is not available, contamination
could well occur.
The Ministry of Health’s official memorandum on food
poisoning (188/MED) refers to certain foods which can easily
become dangerous under adverse conditions of domestic storage
though they would remain comparatively free of risk if stored
under ideal conditions. Although the inference here is probably a
reference to the lack of a refrigerator, this might not be exclusively
There is an increasing school of thought that a house without
a cool, ventilated larder is inadequate, particularly where
the storage of fresh unwrapped bread, greengrocery, etc., is
During the year observations were submitted in respect
of 254 deposited plans where the Acting Borough Engineer &
Surveyor thought that these fell within the scope of our activities.
Commencing at the beginning of April, 1968 the sewage
flow was diverted from the Bretons Farm Sewage Works to the
Riverside Works of the London Borough of Barking— sited in
the southern part of our Borough— in three instalments, the
final diversion being made in October, 1968. At the end of the
year the only operation being carried out at Bretons was the
pumping of sludge brought in by road tankers from our Bury Farm
Works plus that stored at Bretons, to the Riverside Works. This
sludge was then pumped from the Riverside Works to the Beckton
Sewage Treatment Works of the Greater London Council for
eventual disposal at sea.
The amount of sludge transported by road tanker from Bretons
Farm to the Riverside Works during the first quarter of the year
was 3,141,900 gallons and from Bury Farm was 1,068,400 gallons
the latter figure being for the whole year.
So far as is known, the Riverside Sewage Works is adequate

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