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Friern Barnet 1908

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Friern Barnet]

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All these seven schools have been frequently inspected, and
have been found to be in good order. Weekly lists of absentees
are forwarded to me by the School Head on request, and at
shorter periods during epidemics.
Disinfectants are supplied for use in the lavatories and
urinals, and also to be added to the water with which the slates,
desks and floors are washed.
The Middlesex Holly Park County School was opened
dnring the year.
There are two in the District which have been brought and
are kept as up to date as possible They have been regularlyvisited,
and have been found clean. One conviction for slaughtering
animals on unlicensed premises was obtained.
Cowshed, Dairies, and Milk-shops.
A list of these will be found under the scheme at the end of
the report.
I have again frequently inspected and carefully impressed
upon the Owners and Managers of Dairies the importance of
keeping milk clean and cool, and have suggested the grooming of
the cows and the provision of proper overalls and washing
facilities for the milkers.
Milk Supply and Control of Tuberculosis.
I have reported during the year to your Authority upon the
power that exists with regard to obtaining as pure a supply as
possible, and advocated the appointment of a Veterinary Suigeon
to inspect the cows from time to time, and the possible use of
the Tuberculin test. It was decided to take no action.
Adulteration of Food.
As in former years, considerable attention has been given to
this subject. Small general shops, confectioners, and ice-cream
vendors have received particular supervision.
The carcase of one pig was seized and condemned on account
of Tuberculosis.
Inland Revenue Act.
I have again been requested to inspect several premises
under this Act, and have found the following provisions for
food—a wooden cupboard, ventilated by communicating with the
external air by two air-bricks, but opening directly into the small
back addition, about 8ft. by 8ft., built in some cases of wood
with a glass roof on a south aspect, and containing a copper, gas
cooking stove, and sink.

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