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Finchley 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finchley]


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    The approximate population for each of the sub-districts is as follows:—
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    Recorded Death-Rate of Each Sub-District :—
    Number of Deaths.Rate per 1,000 of Population.
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    Table A. Causes of and Ages at Death during the Year 1904.
    Causes of Death. 1Deaths in Whole District at subjoined ages.Deaths in Locvli ties (at all ages)Deaths in Public Institutions.
    All ages.Under 1.1 and under 5.5 and under 15.15 and under 25.25 ana under 65.65 and Upwards.North Finchley.East Finchley.West Finchley.Whet-stone.
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    Table A1. Showing the Causes of Death amongst Parishioners in the District of Finchley during each of the Four Quarters of the Year 1904.
    Causes of Death.1st Quarter.2nd Quarter.3rd Quarter.4th Quarter.Totals.1903.
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    Table A2— Showing the District Mortality for each Quarter of 1904.
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    Table A 3. The Causes of Infantile Mortality, 1904.
    1st Quar.2nd Quar.3rd Quar.4th Quar.Totals
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    Senile Mortality.
    65 and under 7070 and >. under 8080 and under 90.90 and upwards.Totals.
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    Table A4. Deaths from Infectious Diseases in the Year 1904.
    Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Membranous CroupTyphoid Fever.Puerperal Fever.Measles.Whooping Cough.Diarrhoea and DysenteryInfluenza.Erysipelas.Total.Rate to every 1,000 Persons.
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    Table A5. A Comparison of the Rates of the Finchley District with those of England and Wales, the 76 Great Towns, and London Generally, for the Year 1904.
    General Death-Rate.Rate of Infantile Mortality.Birth-Rate.Zymotic Death-Rate.
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    ISt Quarter.2nd Quarter.3rd Quarter.4th QuarterTotals
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    INQUESTS, 1904.
    ISt Quarter.2nd Quarter.3rd Quarter.4th Quarter.Total.
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    Table A6. Vital Statistics of Whole District during 1904 and Previous Years.
    Year.Population estimated to raiddle of each year.Births.Deaths Under one Year of age.Deaths at all Ages, Total.Deaths in Public Institutions.Deaths of Nonresidents registered in District.Deaths ot Residents registered beyond District.Deaths at all Ages Nett.
    Number.*Rate.Number.Rate per 1000 Births registered.Number.*Rate.Number.* Rate.
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    Table A6—Continued.
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    Table B . —Cases of Infectious Disease Notified During the Year 1904.
    Notifiable Disease.Cases Notified in Whole District.Total Cases Notified in Each Locality.No. of Cases Removed to Hospital from Each Locality.
    At all Ages.At Ages—Years.1 East Finchley.2 West Finchley.3 North Finchley4 Whetstone.1 East Finchley.2 West Finchley.3 North Finchley.4 Whetstone.
    Under 1.1 to 55 to 1515 to '2525 to 6565 and upwards
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    Table Bl. Showing the Number of Cases and Deaths from the Principal Infectious Diseases Notified from among Parishioners During the Years 1890—1904 (inclusive).
    Small-pox.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria and Croup.
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    Table B2. Cases of Infectious Disease Notified during each Month of the Year 1904.
    Diphtheria.Erysipelas.Scarlet Fever.Enteric Fever.Puerperal Fever.Totals.
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    The results were as follows:—
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    In some cases it was stipulated that certain defined conditions should be complied with:-
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    The following is a list of the Workshops and Work-places on the Register at the end of 1904:—